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II Young Scientists Conference 25-26th May

Wednesday 12.04.2017


We are happy to announce that during the first day of II Young Scientists Conference, there will be a session held in Engilsh for non-Polish speakers. So if you have any interesting research results to share, come and join our event.

The event is organised by two students’ associations belonging to Faculty of Animal Sciences:Interfaculty Student Association of Nanobiotechnology and Student Association of Animal Nutrition. In cooperation, we have created the conference, which is dedicated for young scientists, who are interested in biotechnology, animal physiology, nutrition and breeding.

The aim of the conference is to integrate scientific society, to present innovative scientific achievements and to share the students’ knowledge.


Students have the possibility to present their scientific achievements. It is possible to show the results of students’ own work during oral presentation or by making a scientific poster.


More information on our website:

Faculty of Animal Sciences - Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW